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Supported paying methods

Online with credit card

Payment is made through the bank Eurobank. The card number and any other detail will not be known to us and is not associated with our page in any way. During the checkout you will be redirected automatically to the secure e-commerce website of Eurobank where you will have to enter the necessary information (Card number, expiration date etc.) in order to complete the charge.

With a deposit in one of our bank accounts

In this case you can finish your order without making any payment. The order remains pending and finalized with the deposit of the total amount in the following bank account:
proprietor: ———————————-

After your deposit you must inform us by sending us a fax (210 3213783) or an e-mail with your name, order number, the total amount, the date and the bank that you made the deposit. Remember that the deposit should take place within three days from the day you made the order, otherwise the order will be canceled automatically.