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Sterling Silver and Bronze Griffin Signet Ring

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Signet ring inspired by an ancient Greek griffin representation, handcrafted to a standard of perfection by designer Gerochristo.

A sophisticated ring made in sterling silver and bronze, decorated with engraved motifs on the shoulders of the ring and a depiction of a griffin on the mounting of the ring.

  • Signet bronze in black platinum
  • about 2 x 1.50 cm ~~ 0.79 x 0.59″

In Greek mythology griffins were the emblem of god Zeus, denoting his supremacy in the sky and on earth. It was also said that they pulled the chariot of sun god Apollo.Griffins are mythological creatures, with lion’s body and eagle’s head and wings. As a combination of two powerful animals -the lion being the king of jungle and the eagle the king of the birds- griffin is a very strong mythical creature-symbol and king of all creatures.

Griffins are known as well as guardians of treasures and protectors of the divine power.