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Sterling Silver & Bronze – Ancient Trireme Ship Cufflinks

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Sterling silver cufflinks with engraved bronze motifs inspired by the ancient trireme, a warship used by ancient Greeks.

An elegant pair of cufflinks, handcrafted to a standard of perfection by designer Gerochristo.

  • Signet bronze with black platinum
  • Width : 1 cm ~~ 0.39″ 
  • The trireme (triiris in Greek) had three rows of oars on each side, and on each oar there was a man rowing. They were small and narrow ships and since the bottom row of rowers was only 18 inches above the waterline, they were designed for short, close-in, sea battles.

    Trireme was a speedy and agile ship, that became the dominant form of warship in the Mediterranean sea from the 7th to the 4th BC century. Triremes played a vital role during the Persian wars and the establishment of Athens as a maritime empire.